Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1 month to go!

It's officially 1 month until my surgery! 30 days. So this time next month, I will probably be out of recovery. The nerves are definitely starting but I'm also very excited!

In preparation for starting the pre-op diet I have to do (3 weeks of Optifast), I have started replacing a couple of meals each day with the low calorie shakes I will be taking during the diet, just to try and work my way up to the full-blown diet I'll have to follow for a few weeks.
Starting a diet after New Year seems so cliché, but I'm thinking that's maybe a good thing for me. That way if someone asks at work, I can just say that my resolution this year is to get healthier. I have told a couple of my work friends that I am getting a Lap Band, but I don't want everyone to know. At least not until I've dropped a lot of this weight. I'm a bit worried that having everyone know will be a little too much pressure.

Ok, will write more soon...

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