Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My First Adjustment

Last Wednesday I had my post-op checkup with my surgeon. It was quick, I was in and out in just a few minutes. Once he checked that the incisions were healing nicely (they are), he said he would put some fluid in so that I can start to feel some restriction.
I was surprised as all the information I had said that the first fill is usually done between 4-6 weeks after the band is placed and here I was, only 2 and a half weeks out from surgery. So it was a good surprise, especially since moving onto normal food I had been feeling hungry all the time. In the week before my post-op appointment I had put back on some weight and was sitting at 139.9kg (almost back to the weight I was on surgery day).

Some In and Some Back Out

He didn't have any trouble finding the port and the needle didn't hurt very much at all. Before I knew it, he was asking me to take a drink of water. Unfortunately, that first drink didn't go down very easily, so he took out a little of the fluid again.
So now I'm not sure exactly how much is in there, but I don't mind. The good thing is that I have definitely noticed a bit of a difference in the last week. I'm less hungry and finding that smaller meals are satisfying me. I've lost 2.7kg and I'm really happy with that. I've really been trying to stick to smaller meals and less snacking.

Apps for Tracking

I've been tracking my food through the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. This is less to track the calories and more just to have a record of what I've been eating.

Have to say that I am really liking the app. I find it handy as it links to my Fitbit Flex and it's really been easy to use.
It also links to our Fitbit Aria scales, so my weight is automatically recorded and my weight loss is tracked in graphs and stuff. Very cool.
Anyway, I think I'll do a whole post on the apps I use soon.

It's an Addiction :(

I've been noticing for a while now that I am definitely addicted to food and need more help than my friends and family can give me.
I've been looking a different avenues for seeing a therapist or counsellor as I need help in working out how I can break these habits and stop reaching for chocolate and fatty foods when I'm feeling down or stressed. I have a few options that have been suggested to me - a mental health care plan through my GP and the Employee Assistance Program that is available at my workplace. Both only offer coverage for a few sessions each though, so it's still something I have to think about more.

Upcoming Changes

On another note, I want to start adding other things to this blog. I'm finding that there are not many day to day changes, so not that much that I can report. I'm going to start with adding some of the recipes that I've been coming up with. P is vegetarian and I'm not, but I do eat lots of meat-free meals so that we can have the same thing for dinner - plus they are really yummy!
So I'll add both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal ideas that I've found are band friendly.

Highest Weight = 153.2kg (August 2014)
Optifast Starting Weight = 148kg (January 16, 2015)
Surgery Date = 140.6kg (February 6, 2015)
First Goal Weight = 99kg 

Current weight = 137.2kg (March 4, 2015)

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