Sunday, February 14, 2016


I wish I could say things got better after my last post. The last few months have been a crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Hubby came home Sep 28th only to go back to hospital a few days later. The leak had not resolved itself. After another 2 weeks in hospital he returned home again, only to again head back after a few days. The leak had returned and he'd got an infection as well.
Finally, there was no option but for him to have gastric bypass surgery in early November, removing his whole stomach and rerouting the esophagus to the intestine. The recovery time has been long, windy and horrible for him, as well as myself. He's still not back to normal, getting weak and dizzy often and not able to walk very far right now. He's back at work 4 days a week though, so that shows his progress.
In the five and a half months since his initial surgery, he's lost 45kg.

My progress

As for my progress, the stress took it's toll greatly. I was diagnosed with depression and suspected anxiety. I've been getting treatment, both medication and counselling, and I think it's helping. My weight loss stalled for a while. The band had become too tight again due to the stress and anxiety and I had to have even more fluid removed after Christmas. I then gave into my cravings and comforted myself with a lot of naughty 'slider' foods. I managed to put on 4 or so kilos in the month after Christmas.

Last week I went back to the doctor and had some fluid put back in. I think I'd rather try to deal with the stress using the mindfulness techniques the counsellor gave me and be a bit tight at times, rather than being loose, hungry all the time and feeling out of control. In the past week I've lost almost 3.5kg and am down to 118.5kg. Darn water-retaining carbs!

Last Saturday was my 1 year anniversary since the day I had my band placed. So far I've lost about 35kg. Considering everything that's happened this past year, I'm pretty happy with that. Onward and downward!

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